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Membership Rules & Posting Policies Empty Membership Rules & Posting Policies

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:10 am

Following are the Membership rules and posting policies for all members to follow. If anyone found astraying from any of these, will be deleted from this forum, without further notice.

1. Anyone found irritating others, violating privacy of others, or trying to spy someone to disclose his or her identity, will not be tolerated.

2. Every member has the right whether to disclose his or her identity on this site. So it is left on the discretion of the member, whether to upload a face picture or not. But other information regarding city of residence etc. must be correct.

3. Don't use abusive and/or discriminatory language.

4. Don't remark others in abusive ways.

5. Every member of this site must log in every week. If you don't log in every week on this site, you will be put into Disconnected group. After 1 week, you will be removed from this site permanently without any notice.

6. This Forum was created and is administered by the Site Administrator of PMCPesh. As such, the Rules and operating procedures of this Forum must be followed and forms the basis for all decisions made by the Site Administrator and moderators. Your access to this Forum is a privilege, not a right, and access to this Forum is not guaranteed by any agreement. The act of joining the Forum and your use of the Forum constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by these Forum Membership Rules.

7. These rules will be strictly enforced and violators may, at the sole discretion of the Site Administrator, have their ability to write new messages suspended or even be banned from the Forum for any reason without prior notice or opportunity to be heard.

8. While the PMCPesh promotes the free flow of ideas and encourages wide-ranging discussion of issues; certain behaviour carries potential risks to the Site Administrator and cannot be tolerated. The Site Administrator's failure to enforce a particular rule or policy of the Forum on one occasion or against one person does not preclude the enforcement of the same rule or policy of the Forum at a different time or against another person.

9. While the Site Administrator is unable to monitor all messages posted in the Forums, members are invited to call the Site Administrator or moderators attention to a potentially problematic message by using private message to Admin.

10. The Site Administrator will periodically monitor public discussion on the various forums and also has the right to monitor personal messages (pm) sent via the board if this is necessary.

11. While there is nothing wrong with a healthy argument, you must not use offensive language or engage in personal attacks on members (or non-members) of the Forums. Personal attacks may subject you to potential liability for defamation, contribute nothing to the free flow of ideas, and tend to inhibit rational discussion of the issues.

12. The Site Administrator is not limited in any way in deciding whether a particular message may be offensive to a particular member or the Forum in general. Examples of potentially offensive messages include, but are not limited to, messages that denigrate, insult or ridicule another person, or that contain negative comments on the integrity, personality, honesty, character, intelligence, methods or motives of any person. In addition, you must respect the privacy of the members (and non-members) of the forum.

13. Do not publish private messages without the permission of the sender (unless you feel a Forum rule has been broken; if so, forward the message privately to the Site Administrator for evaluation).

14. Do not publish facts, rumours or innuendo regarding any person's personal life.

15. Planning, inciting, promoting or facilitating illegal activities through the Forum is strictly prohibited.

16. File uploads and attachments will be periodically reviewed to determine whether, in the sole discretion of the Site Administrator, copyrighted, trademarked, or other proprietary material is included in the upload.

17. The Site Administrator cannot review messages prior to posting in the Forum sections. Reproduction and/or publication, whether knowing or inadvertent, of copyrighted, trademarked or other proprietary material may result in liability to the posting member and therefore cannot be tolerated. Your upload or posting of any material constitutes a certification by you to the Site Administrator that the material does not make use of or infringe on any copyright, trademark or other proprietary material of others. If you have any question as to whether your upload or post contains copyrighted, trademarked, or other proprietary material, please contact the moderator of the relevant forum prior to posting or uploading the material.

18. You are free to quote "messages" from other members only to the extent necessary to provide a context for your comments. Quoting entire messages or text found on other websites is discouraged, however (create a link to that site, instead).

19. We accept no responsibility for the contents of any external links given anywhere on this forum!

20. PMCPesh exists to serve those interested in discussing the life and technologies developed and subsequent developments in whatever shape or form. Please ensure that you post messages in the relevant section at all times. Any message, upload, etc. that, in the sole discretion of the Site Administrator, distracts or interferes with this purpose is subject to summary deletion accompanied by a warning to the posting member. After such deletion and warning, any Forum member who persists in any activity of which he or she has been warned is subject to suspension from Forum privileges or having his membership terminated without further notice.

Membership Termination

• The Site Administrator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate any member's membership rights in the Forum at any time for any reason without any requirement to explain the reasons for such termination.

• All the persons joining and taking part in the group has to abide by these rules and should not cross the limits. Please note it down that if you are found guilty of any ill-bred behavior or any untoward attitude, your membership will be canceled at once without any notice. Those who are out due to major reasons and clear mistakes will be allowed to enter once again for the last time by completing the following:

o He/she has to publish a public declaration on this site that he/she will never do the same for which he/she is being expelled.
o Find at least 3 members on this group who must plead for u to forgive u and let u come back in.
o Find at least 1 member in this group who will be responsible for ur behavior for the next 2 weeks.

• Persons banned for minor mistakes can join by sending a mail to administrator to excuse his/her behavior and a declaration that care will be taken in the future. Failing to do this, will not be granted re-membership on this group.

• Otherwise, please do whatever you want to do here. Go ahead and enjoy.


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